Online player english


Brothers Ed and Herbert Schrama have made software for a computer or laptop so you can play Gunzi against our server. With this software you can also play online against other players. Unfortunately, there is no app yet suited for the phone.

For the rules of the game  go to Gunzi users manual

If you want to play for free and without advertising, against the server or against another player who is online, download the player (= made for Windows) from the link below.


Then open the: GunziSetup.exe file to install the player.

Your computer may report that it does not trust the publisher. I hope you don’t be put off by this.

We do not have a Microsoft authentication code.
We would have to pay $ 289 per year for this code, only to prevent them from reporting the “unknown publisher”. That is of course a smart way to usurp money, but we prefer to use it for the development of our game.

Moreover, if you do not trust it, you can always scan the GunziSetup.exe file yourself with your security software.
We provide it for free, because we believe that a brain game is good for a child’s development (and to keep adults on their toes).

Here the instructions how to install the software and how to play online against the server.

GUNZI MORTALE is a complete different game with the same wedges and playboard and very few rules.

The aim of Mortale, is to reduce your own army, and to end up with the least amount of wedges.

                                                            Rules of Gunzi Mortale

You can play it on your computer with the following program made by Maris Koopmans. The pc doesn’t answer, so you can play it with a friend or you must play against yourself.

Select a wedge with your mouse and choose a move. The colour around the board tells you who’s turn it is.                                                              Play Gunzi Mortale